Athena Rose Belis


Athena Rose Belis is from Cape Coral, Florida but now attends Florida Atlantic University with a minor in Theater. Athena has been a performer since the age of four and had always had a passion for storytelling. She grew up dancing but quickly fell in love with theater. She has been featured in many professional pilot/workshop productions for Musical Theater International including Matilda Jr, Finding Nemo Jr, and CATS Young Actors. Athena even performed on the main stage at the 2022 Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta. There she would be a part of the New Works Showcase previewing The Big One Oh.

Athena worked as a choreographer for many places like Melody Lane Performing Arts Center, Oasis High School, The Belle Theater, and Cultural Park Theater. Some of her favorite shows that she’s worked on are James and the Giant Peach, Mamma Mia!, Rock of Ages, Chicago and Shrek. Athena believes that teaching young performers to tell a story not just through lyrics and a melody, but through movement too is very meaningful.

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