BARCLAY Safety Requirements in Regard to COVID-19

I understand that it is a privilege to enter BARCLAY Performing Arts during this time. I understand that BARCLAY is doing all that they feasibly can in order to keep me, their students, their staff, and their space safe, clean, and a place of happiness and growth. I, my child(s), and whom I share living or regular interactive space understand this, and with agree to the following in order to be able to participate with In-Studio Programming:

  1. I have obtained a clean bill of health and/or negative COVID-19 test and submitted this to
    BARCLAY. If I have not been able to obtain either of these things, I will take a rapid test, which I
    agree to be administered by a BARCLAY Staff Member on the BARCLAY Studio site, for $30.*
  2. I agree that if my child shows any symptoms or signs of COVID that they will be asked to be
    promptly picked up from the BARCLAY Facility, and/or they will stay home and join on a
    Virtual Platform.
  3. I agree to follow all mandate policies, inside and outside of BARCLAY, including; social
    distancing, mask wearing, and quarantining when not involved in mandatory activities, to
    remain safe for the greater BARCLAY community.
  4. To inform BARCLAY of any out of town or state travel that could welcome contamination,
    prior to the travel taking place.
  5. I agree to having my child’s temperature checked & hands sanitized by BARCLAY sanitization
    standards upon arrival.
  6. I agree to the no student cell phone policy enforced by BARCLAY once inside the studio and that
    there is currently a BARCLAY Staff member monitoring the office phone line during all class and
    rehearsal times if a parent to student contact must be made. This office line is 561.344.5082.
  7. I agree that no student will use another student’s photo on social media taken within BARCLAY
    walls without direct consent from BARCLAY Management.
  8. I understand and agree that, until further notice by Palm Beach County mandates, my child will
    have no physical contact with other children and that they will need to follow CDC handwashing
    procedures regularly in order to maintain their time inside the BARCLAY Facility.
  9. I understand that any variance or violation of these regulations means that my child may be
    excused from in-studio programming without refund. In certain circumstances, my child may be
    welcome on a Virtual Platform, at the discretion of the owner.
  10. I understand that only the registered students of BARCLAY Programs & BARCLAY staff will be
    allowed inside the facility at any time until further notice. Parents are welcome to enjoy the
    outside bistro area before, during & after programming.

The SARS-COV-2 Rapid Test that will be administered by a BARCLAY Staff Member involves a small finger prick and results will present themselves within 10 minutes. These tests come from a medical provider and are proven to be 99% effective. The SARS-COV-2 Rapid Test shows, with a positive result, that the person tested is either recovering from, or has had a previous COVID-19 infection.

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