Celia uses her creative organizational skills from her bachelor’s degree inCulinary Management to design, sew, and orchestrate items for BARCLAY Performing Arts productions.

You can see her work in BARCLAY shows from costumes, to props, to set. If there is a creative problem that needs to be solved — Celia is the person to go to! In her myriad of things she has helped the studio with, she helps carpool the JB Company kids to performances and events, and kept in-house students fed at the beginning of the pandemic with her delicious catering skills. Celia also joins the restof the BARCLAY staff as a Caroline wrangler.

The first show she assisted in costuming and actually performed in was Big Al in high school. After many years away from the theatre industry and having her first child, she went on to work as the Sous Chef at the Wick Theatre and got to see from the background the mechanics of building a show. Outside of BARCLAY, she runs a cake decorating business, is a girl scout leader, and homeschools her two children. Her daughter is a current student at BARCLAY.