A born and raised South Florida native, Chase Stante is one of the many friendly faces you’ll find at Barclay. Chase is the first in his family to graduate from college, having graduated with a Bachelor’s in English from Florida Atlantic University. Having originally joined Barclay via their 2022 performance of Into The Woods as Cinderella’s Father, Chase soon became heavily involved behind the scenes, helping out with technical aspects that go beyond the stage.

With more than 15 years of stage experience, Chase has played many a role in the decade in a half of stage work he has done, with credits such as Voice 5 in 35MM (BARCLAY Performing Arts), Actor 5 in the original play THE ROACHES (BARCLAY Performing Arts), and The Creature in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (Entr’Acte Theatrix), Benvolio and the Friars in Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare Sound Company), and Jacob Pulitzer in Newsies (Showtime Performing Arts Theatre) just to name a few.

Alongside stage work, Chase has also been doing voice over work for a good 7 years, providing his vocal talents for video games, movie promos, and animations from the likes of Vivienne Medrano of Hazbin Hotel fame and Nico Colaleo, creator of the web series Ollie and Scoops.

When not behind the booth and on stage, you can find Chase at Barclay teaching students how to embrace their inner you. Chase believes in nurturing the next generation of theater by allowing and offering and allowing students to embrace the silly, letting their notions go, and focusing on being the first “you” rather than the next “somebody”.

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