Drowsy Chaperone

Drowsy Chaperone

This past spring we had a wild experience with tragic, intense events in our community which coincided with an aggressive schedule of spring shows, which overlapped the birth of my daughter Caroline. It was a lot. After we navigated all of that and came out on top, I knew that what we needed this summer was something bright, fun, happy, and moving. Something to transport us out of the reality we had been fighting to survive in and into a more colorful world of hope, love, and laughter. THE DROWSY CHAPERONE was just the thing to do the trick.

Often people who are not a part of the theatre world don’t understand why we do what we do. They don’t understand it. It seems often petty and self- centered- prancing around in costumes, feeding off of applause. But that is a gross misunderstanding of what we do. As I teach my students, theatre is a way to transport you to a different world… show a new perspective…bring light to a difficult subject. It’s a way to escape from the trials of the “real world” and allow a much needed cathartic release. It’s a way to teach and understand history, discover new parts of your true self, develop confidence and encourage honest communication with others. It gets us away from screens and into the eyes of others. It brings us to a place where laughter and joy is your only responsibility, you get to “leave your problems at the door”. THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is a musical about all of this- about what theatre, specifically musical theatre, does for the world. In a world that is struggling and often seems impossibly dark, CHAPERONE brings us the light we need to remember that it is ok to escape. As a matter of fact, it is IMPORTANT to escape.

The cast of our show this summer has been a truly gorgeous escape for me personally. They have been flawless in their team player, ensemble attitudes. Their respect and their talent has been incredible. The kindness of their hearts in commitment to telling this story has been beyond their years. Coming out of the heaviness of the spring we had, this was a gift to me and I truly believe it will be a gift for you as well.

So…. as our man in chair will soon say… will you indulge us for the next 90 minutes? Will you let us play this record for you and be transported to a glamorous world of music and romance? We were hoping you would say yes…

Christine Barclay