Grant Brecheisen is from Weston, FL. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Florida State University and his Master’s degree in Acting from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Grant has his own theatre company in Liverpool, UK called Pes.To Theatre that creates its own original work, mainly comedy. Grant has studied and worked with people from all over the world and hopes to continue to do so. He idolizes Peter Brook’s history of making theatre in many countries, cultures, and languages.

He has worked with Drs. Terri Bourus, Michael Wagoner, and Gary Taylor, who are editors for New Oxford Shakespeare. Together, they adapted the First Quarto version of Shakepeare’s MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR in 2019, making it, what scholars believe to be, one of the first productions of the Q1 version since it was published exactly 400 hundred years later in 1619. On their mission to do the same with the Q1 version of HENRY THE FIFTH, Grant led the process playing King Henry before the project was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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