Romeo & Juliet


Dates: DEC 5 - MARCH 14
Show Dates: March 13 & 14 at 8:00 PM
Day: See Rehearsal Schedule
Time: See Rehearsal Schedule
Ages: 10 & Older

Don’t know Shakespeare? NO PROBLEM! We have built this Show Program to teach and provide the skills necessary for this style of piece, which will also be part of the audition process to ensure everyone has a fair shot at every role, even if you have no prior experience! Walking out of this program you will have solid exposure to playwrights and acting methods that include work with Shakespeare, Fitzmaurice Voice, Stage Combat, and many many more!


As a part of our partnership with Retreat Behavioral Health, our take on this classic story will be focused around what goes on in the minds and hearts of our youth when there is a disconnect in families and communities, and the dangers that exist in our modern society in regards to expedited relationships and exposure to mature issues due to web, news & social media exposure.


Join our talented staff and support structure as we work through very modern, current situations through the healthy lens of theatre and one of the most beautiful stories ever told.

Romeo & Juliet Rehearsal Schedule