Do these princesses look familiar? Wait until you hear them sing! Join this completely virtual adventure for the Princess and her favorite Puppet Pals on their journey to help teach our Broadway Babies how to sing, dance, and act-all before she has to get back to her story! One of our fastest growing classes for our tiniest of stars, join and be a part of this magical class from the comfort of your own home!

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Broadway Babies, a class originated by Christine Barclay herself has been an integral part of the foundation of this company. Back when the company was just Christine herself, in a one room studio with less than 10 families taking Voice Lessons with her, this was one of the first classes she created-and since then it has grown exponentially. Her unique curriculum, based on high-energy and quality exercises and games specifically designed for this age group, this class has been one that has stolen all of our hearts. Having an emphasis on HEALTHY singing, using their bodies and motor functions in creative, fun and exciting ways, not to mention getting a chance to see their favorite Princesses with their silly puppet friends, this class is like a live-interactive cartoon for everyone at home! Most of the time, we catch the parents watching and laughing along with their Broadway Babies.
BARCLAY has partnered with A Little Light Princess Company to bring some beautiful and talented Princesses right here in our studio, and thus, right there to your homes! We developed this class in the middle of the pandemic, in order to bring some safe, quality training and entertainment to our youngest students…not to mention, give a little break for the parents!
All great things start somewhere. Join the family. Sign up today!


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