"I cannot thank you for being a person I can trust to help my daughter become confident and strong."

Bethe M.

| Mother

"I absolutely love this company and what they do for kids! Everyone is so helpful and kind in everything they do."

Zepplyn Berry

| Student


BROADWAY BABIES is a program that was originated by Christine herself, and helped to build the company into what it is today. High energy and focused with a lot of laughs and silliness, this unique curriculum brings the healthy, powerful and star-qualities out of each and every one of these little performers, while teaching them how to be a ‘triple threat’: Singing, Dancing and Acting!


"This class is IN-STUDIO only! BARCLAY PERFORMING ARTS is a strict enforcer of COVID-Regulations and Procedures as by the county and reserve the right of our own protocols. A negative COVID Test or clean Bill of Health is required before entry is allowed. Masks or Faceshield must be worn at all times. Parents are allowed to tour the space before classes or operations begin for the day to help keep a sanitized and safe environment for both our students and staff. All must be sanitized and temperature checked at the door, students are to then wash hands before and after class. There are a strict No-Touch policy and social distancing regulated within our space."




  • Start Time 3:00 pm
  • End Time 4:00 pm

Program Description

Broadway Babies, a class originated by Christine Barclay herself has been an integral part of the foundation of this company. Back when the company was just Christine herself, in a one room studio with less than 10 families taking Voice Lessons with her, this was one of the first classes she created-and since then it has grown exponentially. Her unique curriculum, based on high-energy and quality exercises and games specifically designed for this age group, this class has been one that has stolen all of our hearts. Having an emphasis on HEALTHY singing, using their bodies and motor functions in creative, fun and exciting ways, not to mention how to move and do all three AT THE SAME TIME! Using love has always been the approach of all teaching at BARCLAY, and this class is a testament that through positive reinforcement and through clear guidelines and structure, these kids have the best brought out of them whilst having the best time themselves. Having a healthy voice is poignant to any performing arts training, and so is being able to use your body and face to express and tell a story. The building blocks are the most important part of any building, which is why this class is one of the greatest focuses of what we do. Come and see what it’s all about. Be a part of the family. Sign up today!