"I cannot thank you for being a person I can trust to help my daughter become confident and strong."

Bethe M.

| Mother

"I absolutely love this company and what they do for kids! Everyone is so helpful and kind in everything they do."

Zepplyn Berry

| Student


Learn how to express, explore and laugh with confidence! This is one of the hottest new classes offered exclusively here at BARCLAY Performing Arts! Learn how to be creative, let loose, and master Comedy! Improv, laughs, making friends…join us today!


This class is DUAL PLATFORM, offering both In-Studio and Virtual participation! BARCLAY PERFORMING ARTS is a strict enforcer of COVID-Regulations and Procedures as by the county and reserve the right of our own protocols. Negative COVID Test or clean Bill of Health is required before entry is allowed. Masks or Faceshield must be worn at all times. Parents are allowed to tour the space BEFORE classes or operations begin for the day to help keep a sanitized and safe environment for both our students and staff. All must be sanitized and temperature checked at the door, students are to then wash hands before and after class. There is a strict No-Touch policy and social distancing regulated within our space.

Terms & Conditions
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  • Start Time 4:45 pm
  • End Time 5:45 pm

Program Description

Ever wish that you had the confidence to say what was on your mind whenever it came to you? Really enjoy Comedy and creativity? Love laughing? Then BARCLAY has the class for you! Learn the art of Clowning and the quick wit of Improv with one of the fastest growing and exclusive classes that any Performing Arts School has to offer! One of the oldest and funnest forms of expression in all of Performing Arts Training, this class was developed and aimed at all of those who need to come out of their shell, conquer shyness, and learn how to use their bodies and voices confidently-but also has been an incredible training program for all of our kids with extra energy, who love to laugh, and have no problem speaking whatever it is that comes to their mind, whether it is the right time to or not! This class has been a BARCLAY home for all our kids who have that special factor in them that many people do not know what to do with-and shows them that unique side is actually a blessing and a wonderful tool when used properly. Clowning and Improv are things that are used at every level of performance, especially our young Actors, Musical Theatre Performers, or those who have never done anything like that before; first time beginners are more than welcome! Join the class, join the family, and let’s have some fun!