Donate To BARCLAY Performing Arts


As one of the only theatre companies who did not close during the pandemic, we stayed open to continue being a safe place for our kids, students and community. Help us to give back.



Not only are we a Performing Arts Training Academy, but we are a Theatre Company. We are part of one the oldest art forms, allowing those of all ages to express, communicate, build confidence, unite, and love. We are a place for anyone who needs a home, a family, or a safe place to simply be who they truly are. Each member of our staff has worked with no pay, no sleep, and no help for years to help BARCLAY be where it is today. Most of the sacrifices we have made are unknown to the public, because we do not do it for recognition. We do it because for us, there is a need for a place like this in the world…there is a need for love. If you help us to keep our doors open, we promise we will do the rest.


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