This is the first of its kind, a Performing Arts Training Program that teaches how to become a Party Princess! Learn how to dress, make-up, act, and sing as your favorite princesses all on your own! This class helps to lead into getting paid work in one of the fastest-growing industries around. Join today!

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BARCLAY Performing Arts is proud to say we have partnered with Little Light Princess Company and have been the first to have co-founded this training program. An industry with a need and a demand, both for parties and performers, it is one of the fastest ways to apply all your talents and skills into a job or a gig that can help shape your future! Ever had a princess visit your party and bring a smile of joy to every kid’s face? Ever watched one of those childhood movies and sang along with all the big solos and favorite tunes? Ever dressed up and became someone fantastic, royal or even magical? This Performing Arts Training program is unique and the first of its kind, geared to build the confidence, skills and tools to help make dreams a reality. This includes a FULL Make-Up Kit, Professional Training from a company that has years of experience behind it, and even could lead to potential employment opportunities by the company(s) themselves. Do not miss this limited time opportunity. Sign up today!


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