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The fastest growing class at BARCLAY, has just opened its virtual doors for another semester! From re-creating a scene from your favorite Action or Comedy movie to bringing your favorite cartoon character to life-this class has become the hottest ticket! Using your furniture, clothes, household items, and a little bit of ‘camera magic’, sign up today and learn how Theatre Meets Film!


See Downloadable Form for Details "This class is VIRTUAL only. BARCLAY PERFORMING ARTS is a strict enforcer of COVID-Regulations and Procedures as by the county and reserve the right of our own protocols. Negative COVID Test or clean Bill of Health is required before entry is allowed. Masks or Faceshield must be worn at all times. Parents are allowed to tour the space BEFORE classes or operations begin for the day to help keep a sanitized and safe environment for both our students and staff. All must be sanitized and temperature checked at the door, students are to then wash hands before and after class. There is a strict No-Touch policy and social distancing regulated within our space."




  • Start Time 5:00 pm
  • End Time 6:00 pm

Program Description

We decided to unite these two classes for an amazing end of the semester project to work on together, combining to different paths of learning to help them direct and act with each other to create original and amazing pieces. Ever read an amazing book or play and wonder how the author came up with that? Ever wish you could learn more about your favorite characters from the best tv shows or movies? How about thinking about how YOU might have done things different if you were directing or writing those same shows? Well, this class will finally give YOU a chance…to learn the secrets of the other side of that table. During the pandemic, BARCLAY Performing Arts was faced with the same question that all Performing Arts Centers were burdened with, “Do we stay open or close?” Well, in case you are just joining our family, we stayed open and are proud to say that we are here today, bigger and better than ever, because of it. In that time, we (like so many other businesses) had to transform everything we have, do and did into a digital platform…somehow. One of the first things we did, was our Acting Classes. Some things took a little time to find its groove, but Acting took the sky and never looked back. We have instructors that have not only professional training in Theatre, but in Film as well, and so, our Head of our Acting Department, Om Jae, created this hybrid of Where Theatre Meets Film! The rest, is history. Focusing on furthering training and taking things to the next level, this class is one that has been discussed for a long time and we have waited until we had enough students who were truly ready for the bigger step, and most importantly a platform that would allow them to fit it in their busy schedules. This class is FAR from sitting on your butt-at the same time working with each other’s energy and passion is something you can’t help but continue to think about or want to work on with your friends before the next one. There is a reason this class has been created. Come and see what it means to ‘sit on the other side’. Learn Film and Theatre Acting Techniques, with poignant information and tips to get you cast, or at the very least, better! Sign up today!