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"I cannot thank you for being a person I can trust to help my daughter become confident and strong."

Bethe M.

| Mother

"Om, just wanted to say how much Steven has enjoyed working with you, you have taught him alot."

Sharon J.

| Mother


Acting is arguably the most important staple in Performance Arts Training. In this unique, first of a kind program, we are taking a look at our beloved Jewish Playwrights, and some of the most moving, and important pieces in Theatre and how it has helped change the entire art form. Learn the history of this literature and how to uncover, break down and build up to amazing scenes, skits and plays.


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Ages 10 to 13

Program Description

The Performing Arts is the most important training that goes overlooked with most families. It promotes exercise, teamwork, emotional health, and empathy on an acute level. Some of the most important events in history has been captured by playwrights, from the Greeks, Romans to the Medieval Century, all the way to Early Europe and modern times. Our beloved Jewish Playwrights have captured some of the most important moments in World History, by making some of the most captivating stories based on, or inspired by these noteworthy, important or even overlooked events. This class is not only aimed to bring confidence, friendship, joy, public speaking skills, emotional health and maturity, ensemble training, performance skills-but also education through the lost art of reading, analyzing and ultimately-Acting out these amazing plays and pieces. BARCLAY Performing Arts is proud to present its Jewish Playwright Series for the Tween Acting Class, one of the fastest growing and most successful classes we have offered. It is in our belief that through storytelling, the most important values, skills, traditions, and most importantly-love of knowledge and knowledge of love-is passed down. It is with that mission, to spread the same love and knowledge to every single child that comes our way, that we have opened this company with, and are now opening this class with. Join the family and help create a better future for our kids, by our kids. Sign up today!