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Bethe M.

| Mother

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Zepplyn Berry

| Student


If you are looking to audition, get into programs, conservatories, professional productions, or even musicals at your school-this is one of the most crucial parts of performance arts training that most people lack. Being able to control tempo to finding the right cuts, to even modulating or adapting pieces for your unique voice part-not to mention-a few tricks of the trade to use to separate yourself from the rest, this class is a must for anyone looking to take it to the next level!


This class is In-Studio Only! See Downloadable Form for Details "BARCLAY PERFORMING ARTS is a strict enforcer of COVID-Regulations and Procedures as by the county and reserve the right of our own protocols. A negative COVID Test or clean Bill of Health is required before entry is allowed. Masks or Faceshield must be worn at all times. Parents are allowed to tour the space before classes or operations begin for the day to help keep a sanitized and safe environment for both our students and staff. All must be sanitized and temperature checked at the door, students are to then wash hands before and after class. There are a strict No-Touch policy and social distancing regulated within our space."




  • Start Time 6:00 pm
  • End Time 7:00 pm

Program Description

Working with an accompanist is a must for any musical theatre audition, especially on the professional level. With so many things going to digital tracks or recordings, this is a skill that is becoming a lost art rapidly. BARCLAY Performing Arts is proud to offer a service where there is a great need. This class is made to be based on LEVEL, meaning that there are no age restrictions but it is based on that student’s capability and readiness to apply their training to this program. If you are unsure as to whether or not you or yours are ready to be a part of this class, please contact our Office and we would be more than happy to help navigate or evaluate and see what fits best for YOU! We have a world-class accompanist and instructor leading this class, giving tips and tricks from the trade as well as important secrets that are unknown to most, giving you a competitive edge in an audition setting. Also, mastering the basics are the one of the class’ biggest focuses, so it is meant for those who are looking to start from the ground up as well! Do not miss this unique, first-time class not only here, but in any Academy or School in the area, this is a rare opportunity you want to take advantage of. Take your training to the next level. Be a part of the family. Sign up today!