Streaming our shows is a new experience for us all. Both technically from our side and your viewing experience.
We’re continuing to learn new things every time we stream a show. We watch and listen to the live stream just like you however, it is impossible for us to duplicate every possible combination of computers, TVs, tablets, speakers, internet connection, etc. that our viewers may have.
One of the most complex processes we have is combining virtual (Zoom) actors with live in-studio actors at the same time. Especially when they need to interact with each other. Some of the issues we are aware and are working very hard to solve are:

-An ‘echo’ or ‘robotic’ sound of the virtual actors voices when they speak.
-The volume balance of the virtual actors vs the in-studio actors.
-The volume balance of the virtual actors individually.
-The overall volume of the livestream.

To help us narrow down the cause of these (and other) issues, we created this survey for you to assist us.

Please note there are numerous ways to watch a live stream . Some of the questions may not apply to you.